desk management-space scheduler

Organize workplaces
better on the go

Find workplaces that work best for your team and reserve them in advance as neighbourhood from your fingertips

flexible workplace scheduling

Flexible space scheduler

Add spaces

Determines which spaces needs to be available during floor planning. Choose any number of spaces and configure the same according to the space policies on building/floor wise map.

Schedule spaces

Spaces are scheduled in advance for teams or for permenant/temporary users. Start and end date/time can be configured. The schedule can be on daily or weekly recurring manner.

Create neighbourhood

Bring your team together by creating neighbourhood. It is created for space under a particular manager or a department and given a unique color for easier detection

hybrid planning

Enable flexible

Manage your workplace hurdles with digitalbricks, now plan your meetings, space planning and reservation.

key features of desk management

What are your benefits

Physical distance

Physical distance planning ensure safety among teams by restricting user check-in

Neighbourhood &
Space policies

Reserve spaces in advance for teams and guests and restrict from other users

Plan ahead
Hybrid working

Plan ahead and schedule space in advance for daily and weekly recurring manner.

Manager or dept based
Scheduling & allocation

Spaces can be scheduled for all employees by simply choosing the manager

Peak space
Utilization hours

Employee peak working hours on floors, buildings and campus are reported on daily basis

Manage absence &

Unoccupied neighbourhood spaces are released & allocated to users in need

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manage your space scheduling

Your hard work is now made smarter

DigitalBricks gives us the ability to set up a flexible work environment and utilize our space efficiently

hybrid workplace scheduling
Schedules that works
best for you

Neighbourhood and team spaces are boked in advance for any days. Booking are flexible in nature where alternate days can be selected for convenient time slots. You may enable daily/weekly/monthly recurring on these schedules

space policies & neighbourhood
Support various
Space policies

Permanent, Flexible and Bookable space types are enabled for better space utilization. Permanent spaces are fixed spaces given to a user, flexible spaces are temporary spaces assigned to users and bokable space are occupied by anyone

neighbourhood check-in
Find a perfect spot
Nearby your team

You can always check-up who is sitting where and find a perfect spot for you to collaborate easily with colleagues through the interactive floor maps

plan from your mobile
Plan better for
Hybrid working

Book spaces in advance and co-ordinate your day perfectly inbetween remote and office working. Schedules can be flexible and alternate days can be selected to align with hybrid working

desk utilization insights & reports

Workplace analytics and insights for leaders

DigitalBricks mobile app has all features that can help you have a wonderful meeting experience. Download mobile app now from app store

Average employee
working hours

Most/least utilized

High traffic days
in a week

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