interactive kiosk & web

Smart self-service through Kiosk & Web

Our self-service interactive kiosk comes with a large display and is ideal for high-traffic office floors, whereas web shows space availability at a glance for entire floor or building and let you book spaces from any platforms across globe.

web management portal

Solution to all your workplace hurdles

hybrid working plan
Plan better for
Hybrid working

Book spaces in advance and coordinate your day perfectly in-between remote and office working. Schedules can be flexible and alternate days can be selected to align with hybrid working. Check-in trends are saved and system enables dynamic space allocation based on preferences.

Key features

Interactive maps &
Indoor navigation

Interactive maps with real-time navigation and space availability

Digital kiosk

Check-in directly through the interactive kiosks inside campus

Finder on floor map

Find who is sitting where inside the campus for collaboration

energy savings and preferences
Control and customize
Light & Aircon

Control the light and air conditioning in your rooms according to your preferences and save to apply to any room you check-in. The power will be turned off automatically once you check-out the space in order to efficiently save energy

collaborate on neighbourhood
Recurring schedules
for neighbourhood

Neighbourhood is created for employees to collaborate better as team. Each of them color coded for easier representation. Managers can plan their team by scheduling spaces in advance with recurrence pattern. Space booking ensures to restrict check-in based on departments.

location privacy

Opt in/not to share your location

Decide if you want to share your location while you are in the campus. You will be visible to your fellow colleagues if enabled and can always choose not to share the location by disabling it on profile.

interactive kiosk features

Best of interactive kiosk

indoor navigation
Intelligent search on
Interactive Kiosk

Indoor & outdoor compatible displays like interactive kiosks at-a-glance shows availability of all near by resources. You can search and find peoples, campus/floor resources around you.

collaborate on kiosk
Collaborate based on
Location & availability

Find whether your teams are already around in the floor using the recent check-in history. Find employees check-in history in any floor. Employees can always disable tracking their location on profile.

self-service kiosk
Find neighbourhood &
Check-in quickly

Workplaces can vary during hybrid working. Now find your neighbourhood on interactive kiosks once you enter the office. Each team will be having their unique color code thereby let you easily find and check-in to the right place in the floor.

utilization reports
Utilization analytics

Analytics provide data regarding the space utilization around campus and floors in building. The most and least utilized devices and high density data of this sorts can help your business to establish occupancy control, data driven allocation, other strategies and plan for your future workplace.

kiosk check-in

Check-In through kiosk

Preferred space check-in at one click on interactive kiosk placed around the campus using badge or by scanning QR and locate if required

Choose workplace on
Interactive floor map

Self-service kiosk are incorporated with all the buildings floor map and hence it is easy to find workplaces

Use badge or QR
Code to authenticate

In order to check-in to a workplace you can authenticate using a badge or by scanning QR code

Locate the place on
Self-service kiosk

If not aware of the office spaces you can always use the interactive kiosk to locate the workplace

We support multi-display platforms

Android tablets
and iPads
Kiosk and other
Desktops and
computer screens

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