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Our digital signage has done right with its screen placed strategically can be incredibly powerful channel with its impressively high visibility communication channel. Our solution is highly interactive and dynamic. It is much more impactful and efficient in drawing attention and instantly conveying the right message amongst the stuffs anytime, anywhere.

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How it works

Create channel
Create channel

Users can create channel for specific contents types from different teams as creators. 

Create channels
Add content

Different content types can be created, scheduled and share for approval from the publisher. 

Publish content

Created contents needs to be approved after review from publishers in order to get published.

key features of digital signage

What are your benefits

Content scheduling

Content scheduling

Schedule alternate days and on demand timing in advance. 

Create channels

Support multiple
Media types

The devices support many media types for different requirements.

world wide netowrk

World wide

On demand and targeted communication network of devices.

Cloud based
Device network

All devices are connected to a common cloud repository. 

Energy saving

Energy saving
Working model

Devices are scheduled in a way to save more electricity. 

Perfect displays

Target specific

Target specific audiences to ensure effective communication

audience targetting

Target audiences with multiple displays

A complete cloud based digital signage solution exclusively for digital internal and external communication that support multiple devices and media types.

Publish content
digital signage system features

The best of digital signage

Digital signage lets you create and publish contents everywhere, across various displays and devices on a scheduled and demand based manner

easy scheduling
Energy saving schedules

In order to save electric energy signages are scheduled accordingly. Digital signages running time are restricted only to working hours and specifically targeted to a resource pool. Multiple days of any order, start time, end time can be mentioned to run presentations to the relevant intervals.

roles & permission
Robust security

Not all contents are published. All contents go through a round of approval from the concerned. Authorized person can either approve or decline the content request. Creator roles enable user to create, edit, delete content and publisher can verify them to approve or decline the same.

communication network
Communication network
targeted communication
Target various
Audiences around

Targetting audiences is essential for effective interval or external communication. Our systems can help you not only target but specifically schedule on releavant time. You can setup start time, end time, start sate, end date and can choose recurring on weekly and monthly basis.

multi-players & display
Display and player

Digital signage comes with multiple customization and options. landscape, Portrait and custom screen ratios can be selected. Player looping, full remote player management including player resource history are available. Create and publish interactive content on legit approvals from publishers.

Multi displays
interactive kiosk features

Insights to build you workplace strategies

Digitalbricks collect all your workplace utilization data and export it into easy to readx and usel=ful reports that can help to build better business strategy

least and most utlised
Most & least engaging
Contents on air

various content types and the user likeability are important to keep audience engaged

Offline and online devices
Online & offline
Devices across globe

Check realtime status of devices around world and manage online through the cloud based system

Viewer engagement
Audience demands
And interests

Finding audience demands and interests is essential for creating engaging contents

Parking assistance
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Can display videos, images & online web pages. Or you can combine these media files to create Playlists or Screen Layouts.

Yes you can schedule the content for future dates.

Signage can inform consumers of new releases, sales, and product information. It can also entertain through videos and images.

Once the different rules have been set by the office manager, our hoteling software operates itself and requires very little oversight. For example to activate new employee account, review performance reports for adjustments, etc.

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