flexible office display

So much more Than just booking

Booking your workplace is now simple, power your needs with smarter digital workplace solution like flexible office display placed outside the office spaces. Now instantly book & manage spaces easily.

employee space reservation

How it works

Find available
Check-in by scanning
QR code/swiping badge
If time is up

instant check-in

Personalized office

Managing office rooms are no longer a headache with Flexible personalized office. Check-In to work spaces instantly by scanning QR code or by swiping badge.

flexible workplace management

Best of flexible office display


Auto-release eliminate spaces abandoned after check-In. Interval can be configured for release


DigitalBricks has transformed your workplaces experience to more smarter and digital way possible

Request to release
Abandoned spaces

Abandoned spaces are retrieved by requesting to release by entering the reason for release

Self management
Of workplaces

Users manage everything on digital displays and gadgets to manage workplaces effortlessly

Extend your

Extend checked-in workspace instantly to different durations with in two clicks if available.


Auto-release,Request to release and automatic power off like features make sure to save energy

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extend workplace

Extend workplace

It is usual that we will have to extend work every now and then. But getting workspace at the last minute can be difficult due to reservation process but with digitalbricks extend workplaces whenever required in in two steps

Choose extend
Select duration
Confirm extend
flexible workplace management

Best of flexible office display

modern workplace
Status on displays

Flexible office displays are devices kept outside on office spaces. The qbic are interactive devices and also shows availability status on display

automatic light & aircon switch
Aircon & lights are
Turned-off automatically

Aircon and lights are turned off automatically. The system detects checkin and checkout status and power is turned off once you checkout of the space. A feature that assures you to save energy more than ever

utilization reports
Reports on space utilization

Space utilization reports are tracked and usage of flexible office display are reported. The total number of check-in, the percent of users entended their time, the amount of request to releases done are reported.

fixed, available & temp spaces
Support various space policies

Permanent, Flexible and Bookable space types are enabled for better space utlization. Permanent spaces are fixed spaces given to a user, Flexible spaces are temporary spaces assigned to users and bookable space are occupied by anyone

release unused spaces
Request to release
Unused spaces

It is often happen that we may not use the rooms after checking in. Incase of emergency you can always request for a release from the user. After entering the reason the user checked in will be notified to release the space.

We support multi-display platforms

Qbic TD-1050 Panel
Android tablets

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