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Digitize the way you manage visitors

Transform your workplace with simple, smart and secure visitor experience. Renovate your front desk experience to give your guests the warmth welcome they deserve with our cloud based, GDPR or CCPA compliant, scalable, smart and AI based visitor management experience solution.

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How it works

Invite visitor
Invite visitors via
mail or message

Invitation contains unique visitor & QR code and shared via mail or message. 

Enter visitor/QR code
to check-in

Visitors can enter the visitor/QR code on the badge printer avoiding the queue. 

Printe badge
Take selfie & print
visitors badge

Visitors can capture the selfies & print the visitors badge on their own

key features of visitor management

What are your benefits

Easy Invitation

Invite visitors in
Two steps

Enter visitor details, visiting reason and share invite via mail/message. 

Instant checkin

Instant visitor

Instantly check-in by scanning QR code or by entering visitor ID. 

Outlook integrated visiting details_1

Visitor alerts on
Outlook calendar

Visitors schedules and details are updated on outlook

Register visitors entry

Entry and details
Register of invitees

Visitor entry details are saved and reported regularly. 

Invitees loaction

Visitor tracking
Inside the campus

Find where andwhat invitees are doing inside the permises. 

Restricted Visitor entry

Restricted visitor
Entry while visiting

Restricted visitors access incidents are tracked and reported

invite on your phone

Manage your visitors & schedules on your phone

Register visitors in advance and send them a branded email notification that tells them everything they need to know about upcoming meeting.

Invite visitors on phone
visitor management solutions we offer

Your workplace hurdles answered

With digitalbricks visiting and hosting are much easier. We provide touchless check-in to visitor tracking inside the campus premises

Touchless visitor checkin
touchless check-in
Meet on time with
automated & touchless
visitor check-in

Visitors are given unique visitor number and QR code along with the invitation. Visitors can use the code and check-in to the campus and meet their partners. Automated and touchless visitor check-in save your time better

Smart hosting
Invite your visitors in
two simple taps

You dont have to make endless calls to invite and remind them about the visit. Now you can enter visitor details and choose a location, time and you are done, invitation along with QR code and unique visitor ID will be shared for contactless check-in

Invite visitors on phone
Badge printer regiatry
visitor entry reports
Ensuring safety inside
the campus premises

Be aware who is visiting day by day. Export report of visitor check-in and check-out and know the peak visiting time to ensure safety around campus.

multiple visitor entry
Multiple visitor check-in

You can always check-in with your colleagues. When there is colleagues accompanying you to visit always enter details and take selfies to print badges from the reception panel.

Multiple visitors_
Touchless check_
Auto fetched details
Auto fetch details of
Repeated visitor

When you visit for the second time our systems would fetch all your details automatically. Our systems saves every visitor data and equipped to automatically fill the details once you enter your email. Saving a lot of your time on self registering again

interactive kiosk features

Insights to build you workplace strategies

DigitalBricks collect all your workspace utilization data and export it into easy to read and useful reports that can help to build better business strategy

Restricted Visitor entry
Visitor unauthorized
Access tracking

Visitors cannot be given full access to the campus resources and needs to be tracked during the visit

Visitors checkin hours
Touchelss panel
Check-in reports

visitors entry and exits are tracked and registered with all details. the reports are made as exportable files

Host list with
Most invitees

Find employees hosted more number of times and visiting details are saved and reported

Peak visiting hours
Peak visiting hours
Inside the campus

Finding peak visiting hours is required to enforce more security on high traffic areas

Parking assistance
frequently asked questions

Still have more questions?

Yes, you can invitee visitors in advance for any future date & time at any location globally using Digital Bricks mobile app.

Yes, Visitor can use QR code to use directly from their email on their mobile devices when they arrive..

Yes, Once visitor takes the badge at lobby, host will get notified with Email.

Yes, employee can share the details on whatsapp, telegram, mail etc…

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