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Return to work with hybrid workplace model

Power your needs with smarter digital workplace solution. Enhance your space utilization, unify your sites and simplify your work experience.

Digital workplace experience with digitalbricks

Our products

flexible workplace management

We make sure that your day to day
hurdles are now effortless

Desk Management System

Desk management

Empower employees to reserve workplace of their choice at anytime from anywhere. 

Meeting Room Management System

Meeting rooms

Easily book rooms of required features and free up unused space through auto-release. 

Visitor management system

Visitor management

Welcome your guests with automated check-in experience while keeping everything safe. 

Digital Signage Software

Digital signage

Manage scheduled and targeted data communication to keep employees updated

smart wayfinder

Ask no one &
explore your campus with us

Enjoy exploring the resources around campus with us. With DigitalBricks you get to know the places in the office campus and you need not wait for anyone.

wayfinding solution
smart workplace experience

The best of DigitalBricks

DigitalBricks desk management has all features that can help you have a wonderful working experience.

Desk Management Software
desk booking management

Desk management

Effectively manage your organization's workplaces with our user-friendly desk booking system. The scalable and cloud based digital solution provides the flexibility for employees to easily plan work from home and office days in advance.

Key features

Hybrid planning

Plan ahead
Hybrid working

Plan ahead and schedule space in advance in recurring manner. 

Interactive wayfinder

Campus wayfinder

Find all the campus resources on map and navigate you easily. 


Flexible office display &
Status displays

Flexible office displays have various & interactive viewports.

Request to release a workplace

Request to release
Abandoned spaces

Abandoned spaces are retrieved by requesting a release. 

Authentication via badge swipe and QR code scanning image

Easy one-tap

Instantly check-in to meeting room by scanning QR code. 

Space configuration

Neighbourhood and
Space policies

Restrict entry with space policies and neighbourhood.

swap working

Now swap your work with colleague

While employees distributed in-between work from home and office planning within the team is necessary. Now if incase of emergency you can always swap your working with your colleague on a single tap.

Swap working
meeting room management

meeting room management

Now find and book spaces, manage check-in, or cancel meetings wherever you are and from any device. The solution finds ideal rooms based on features, location and invitees. We know what works the best for you

Meeting room management consolidated illustration
Meeting room management

Key features

Invitee availability status

Check invitee's
Attendance real-time

Check real-time availability status of invitees for meeting. 

Smart room suggestions based on invitee

Meeting room

Intelligent room suggestions based on the invitees 

Meeting room display checkin

Easy one-tap

Instantly check-in to meeting room by scanning QR code

Room availability on interactive map

Meeting room
Availability on floor map

Check real-time availability status of meeting on floor map.

Instant Meeting Booking illustration

Instantly book
Meeting room

Instantly book meeting rooms for specified time duration. 

Meeting room features

Features, capacity and
Seating style of room

Meeting room features, capacity and seating style are detailed.

Smart assitance

DigitalBricks plan Your day ahead

We regularly track your schedules and plan ahead of your booking suggestions. Parking slots and availability are traced according to your working location everyday and make sure that your time is saved

Parking assistance
Parking assistance
visitor management system

Visitor management

We have modernized the front desk experience with a badge printer to welcome your guests providing an all-in-one check-in experience. The cloud-based system ensures your visitor are informed with an access PIN or QR code for instant check-in without filling any forms.

Digital signage software
digital signage system

digital signage

The internal & external communication solution provide a number of customizations, features for the users to achieve an effective communication. The constant engagement of the targeted viewers eventually increases the chances to win customers back to your facility.

workplace analytics & insights

Insights to build you workplace strategies

DigitalBricks collect all your workplace utilization data & export it into easy to read & useful reports that can help to build better business strategy

Restricted entry
Zombie meeting

Abandoned meetings are found and tracked to eliminate under utilized spaces

Peak visiting hours
Peak visiting hours
On the frond desk

visitors entry and exits are tracked and registered with all details. the reports are made as exportable files

Employee peak productive hours
Employees peak
Desk hours

The employee availability and productive desking hours are reported location/department wise

Space utilization metrics
Space utilization
on various zones

Space utilization reports take essential part in optimizing the annual real-estate cost

increase productivity

Power up your workflow with us & Increase productivity by 30%

Employee productivity
Number of Meetings
Number of Rooms
Number of Desks
Number of Devices