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Workplace reservation system

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Flexible workspace management

With our cloud-based and user-friendly solution now schedule workspaces from anywhere using laptop, mobile phones, interactive kiosks and other smart displays around the office.


Digitalbricks lets you work together by creating neighborhoods for different teams and assign color codes for easy discovery. it also helps you navigate to your team in real-time using an interactive map.

Smart system assistance in decision making

We assist in everything you do. From finding an ideal workspace or meeting room to your visitor schedules, our solution makes sure you don’t miss a thing and ensure you remain focused every day.

Targeted business communications

Digital signage solutions can help you send information anywhere at any time to the targeted audience. You can schedule different days and set screen time for specific intervals.


Our scheduling system allows you to reserve workspaces, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces and much more at your convenience using mobile phones, laptops, interactive kiosks or other smart displays.

Real-time visitor updates on campus

Ensuring security is a priority. visitor management solutions not only streamlines the checking process, but it also lets you track the visitor's whereabouts in real-time on the interactive map.

energy savings

Flexible scheduling system ensure the electrical energy wastage is limited also In all the workspaces the lights and air cons are made sensor-based, which switch on when occupied.

Smart and interactive

Updating various statuses, promoting business programs, showcasing awards & recognitions, displaying newsletters and social media feeds to your employees in a faster and engaging way with the status boards.

utilization insights

Workspace analytics and insights gather useful information on the utilization of spaces and resources. Helps the organization to minimize cost by effective real-estate optimization.

Booking Meeting Room System

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Desk management system

Effectively manage your organization's workspaces with our user-friendly desk booking system. The scalable and cloud-based solution provides the flexibility for employees to easily plan work from home and office days in advance, as the system is equipped to help you find and schedule preferred workspaces at your convenience.

Meeting Room Experience

Meeting room booking solutions transform your meeting experience. Now Find and book spaces, manage check-in, or cancel meetings wherever you are. With our system collaborating is easy as you can access the application from any device such as mobile phones or laptops, kiosks and smart displays placed inside the office. The solution extends the service in assisting and finding ideal rooms based on requirements, location and invitees with a Meeting advisor. We assure that you choose always the best.

Visitor management system

Now transform your visitor experience with simple, smart and secure visitor management system. We have modernized the front desk experience with a badge printer to welcome your guests providing an all-in-one check-in experience ever. The cloud-based system ensures your visitor are informed already with an access PIN or QR code for instant check-in without filling any forms.

Digital Signage

Digital signage ensures that you communicate right to employees and visitors. Our solution can display marketing promotions, important company updates and much more based on a schedule. The solutions provide a number of customizations and features for the users and a constant engagement of the viewers that eventually increases the chance to win customers back to your facility.

Insights & Analytics

Data holds the power to transform any business. The artificial intelligence-based solution provides you a 360-degree approach to your workspace and resources and creates a daily report chart of office space utilization, energy utilization, visitor incoming and outgoing report, employee productivity report on a daily performance dashboard lets you take an appropriate decision of your workspace utilization.

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Meeting Room Booking Software
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