meeting room management

Create a space that works for everyone

Now find and book spaces, manage check-in, or cancel meetings wherever you are and from any device. The solution finds ideal rooms based on features, location and invitees.

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key features of meeting room management

What are your benefits

Room availability status on floor map

Rooms status on
Floor maps

Meeting room availability status on interactive floor map. 

Invitee availability status

Realtime invitee

Invitees attendance & availability can be checked anytime. 

Meeting Room Suggestions

Rooms suggestions for
Invitees everywhere

Rooms are suggested for every added invitees without a miss

QR code scan or badge swipe

Easy one-tap

Instantly check-in to meeting room by scanning QR code. 

Rooms features, capacity and seating style

Features, capacity &
Seating style

Meeting room features,seating style and capacity of meeting. 

Instant Meeting Booking illustration

Instant booking for
Specific duration

Instantly find and book meeting rooms for specific durations

book in two steps

How it works

Space configuration based on policies
Configure available spaces
according to space policies
Select meeting room
Find required room of your
choice using mobile/web app.
Meeting room display
Authenticate using badge or
scan QR code to book room
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We have made what best for you

explore on interactive map

Ask no one find everything you need
on our interactive map

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meeting booking solutions you need

Your meeting hurdles answered

DigitalBricks meeting room management has all features that can help you have a better meeting experience.

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find nearby meeting room
Find your nearby
Meeting room instantly

If you forgot to book a meeting room and find it booked already? You can always search for other meeting rooms choosing the nearby meeting room option and quickly book the room of your choice from the list.

instant booking
Instant booking for last Minute emergency

If you are running late for another meeting and need to book meeting room at the last moment, instant booking can help you find available meeting rooms for specific duration.

Quick room booking image
Interactive floor map and navigation on mobile
wayfinding solutioin
No more wandering

Interactive maps with real-time resource availability helps employees to quickly find an available meeting room nearby. The system assist with checking availability features and also with navigation.

book from web
Book a room without
breaking a sweat

With digitalbricks you dont have to worry searching the perfect room for meeting. You get to filter rooms for its capacity, features and seating pattern also coordinate your meetings form anywhere using our meeting advisor application

Meeting room search through smart filter
business decision from analytics
Eliminate booking violation &
Increase recapturing

You can find out the least or unutilized spaces through our analytics data captured from your workplaces. The system generates report on buildings/spaces that is not used for a number of days and recurring bookings for teams on vacation. Better decisions on re allocating the same saves real estate considerably.

Request to release meeting on meeting room display

zombie meeting protection

Request to release Abandoned rooms

DigitalBricks can retrieve abandoned meeting rooms through requrest to release feature. User will be raising a request which will trigger the user who booked the room and once confirmed the room will be released sucessfully

workplace analytics and office insigths

Insights on meeting room utilization

DigitalBricks collect all your workplace utilization data and export it into easy to reead and useful reports that can help you to build better business strategy

Auto relkease meeting room image
Zombie meetings

Abandoned meeting are found and tracked to retrieve and to eliminate under utilized spaces

Building wise utilization image
Room utilization on
Various zones

Spaces utilization reports take essential part in optimizing the annual real-estate cost

Peak meeting hours in a week
Employees peak
Meeting hours

The employee peak traffic hours on meeting rooms in buildings are reported on daily basis

Demanding room features analytics
Most demanding Features and seating

The employee peak traffic hours on floors,buildings and campus are reported on daily basis

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frequently asked questions

Still have more questions?

The Account is instantly created and activated once you subscribe to our free trail or paid subscription

Our booking system includes 15+ advanced reports to easily monitor the office occupancy, demand, violations, unused bookings, no-shows, org wise utilization etc.

you can use your company email Id and password or company badge reader

yes, you can manually release the conference room and make it available for others

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