Meeting advisor on laptop and tablet
meeting advisor

It's the new way of meeting

Meeting advisor provides the best meeting room management for your office requirements. It includes smart room suggestions and smart filters that sort rooms based on its features, capacity and seating style.

Meeting advisor on laptop and tablet
instant booking

Book meeting room instantly

Choose duration for instant booking
Choose duration

Instant booking prioritize time so you select the meeting duration first. Find available meeting room for 15, 30, 45 or 60 min duration.

Choose room for instant booking
Choose meeting room

Meeting rooms listed are available for the selected duration. The list can be filtered by required features, capacity and seating pattern.

Add invitees for instant booking
Add invitee

Add any number of invitees from anywhere. Application shows invitee details such as current availability,  travel/PTO status and time zones.

meeting room suggestion

We suggest the best room for all invitees

You might forget to book rooms for all invitees but our intelligent systems will not. Because the system is capable enough to suggest rooms based on invitee’s location and past booking trends.

Meeting room suggestions for invitees around the world
features of meeting advisor

Meeting advisor benefits

Smart filters based on feature, capacity and seating style

Smart filters
Enabled search

Smart filter is based on capacity, seating style and available  features of meeting room.

Smart room suggestions based on invitee

Room suggestions for
Invitees everywhere

Rooms are suggested for every added invitees. It is based on past booking trends and location. 

Invitee availability status

Invitee availability

Invitees availability status, attendance and time zone can be checked anytime.

Room features, capacity and seating style

Features, capacity &
Meeting styles

Meeting room details are shown. Such as features, seating style and capacity of meeting

Daily meeting schedules illustration

Daily schedules &
Meeting status

Check your daily and upcoming meeting schedules and status of upcoming meetings real-time.

AI booking bot image

AI bot
Booking assistance

Instantly find and book meeting rooms for specific durations with the help of AI bot.

book in two steps

How it works

Meeting advisor
Login to application

Login to the meeting advisor web application from your desktop, laptop, iPad or tablet devices successfully

Add invitees from different places
Add invitees

Add as many number of invitees required  from anywhere to the invitee list by checking there availability.

Suggested rooms based on invitees
Smart suggestions

Intelligent system suggests room based on the invitees added, invitee location and their past booking trends.

invitee & room availability on map

Check meeting rooms & invitee availability on the map

Meeting room booking software
meeting advisor features

Key features of meeting advisor

Meeting advisor is equipped to deliver the best for all your meeting room requirements. It can be used on laptop and tablet devices.

Invitee availability PTO/travel status
Invitee availability
Employee availability &
Travel/PTO update

Invitee availability status are shown as attending, tentative and declined. The system also shows the invitee information regarding their travel, PTO and time zone differences. Employee info can be checked on map as well.

Smart filters
Add filters and
Find out the perfect room

Finding out the perfect room with the right requirement can be difficult. But we have incorporated smart filters to search better so that you can find rooms with specific seating style, capacity and available features.

Meeting room search through smart filter
Meeting room search through smart filter
Smart filters
Add filters and
Find out the perfect room

Finding out the perfect room with the right requirement can be difficult. But we have incorporated smart filters to search better so that you can find rooms with specific seating style, capacity and available features.

Meeting room suggestions based on invitees
Meeting room suggestions
Room suggestions for
Invitees everywhere

Smart room suggestions helps you to find meeting room for all your invitees. Our system suggests based on invitee's location and past booking trends of invitees.

meeting room features
Choose required features,
seating style & capacity.

Meeting room with right features, seating capacity and seating style is important. Our system lets you chosse rooms of your choice. We helps you find the romm you are looking for with smart suggestions and filters enabled search

workplace analytics and office insigths

Insights on meeting room utilization

DigitalBricks collect all your workplace utilization data and export it into meaningful reports. System generate useful information to build better business strategy.

Auto relkease meeting room image
Zombie meetings

Abandoned meeting rooms are eliminated and reallocated to save energy.

Building wise utilization image
Room utilization on
Various zones

Spaces utilization reports take essential part in optimizing the annual real-estate cost.

Peak meeting hours in a week
Employees peak
Meeting hours

The employee peak meeting hours in the buildings are reported on a daily basis .

Demanding room features analytics
Most demanding Features and seating

The most/least used features, type of seating style and seating capacity in a meeting room are tracked.

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frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

One solution for all your conference room booking problems. You can book any meeting rooms in just 3 simple steps.

Login to your meeting advisor application and view your meetings for today, book rooms instantly in just one click. Book conference rooms for all your invitees across globe in just one go.

Yes you can book meeting rooms from multiple locations in one go under Based On Location in Meeting Advisor application.

Yes you can know the status of a employee while inviting to meeting, it shows the employee status after adding invitee.

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