Interactive map on kiosk
interactive kiosk & web

Smart self-service through Kiosk & Web

Our self-service interactive  Kiosk comes with a large interactive indoor & outdoor compatible display and is ideal for high-traffic office floors. It shows real-time occupancy and enables instant workplace booking, wayfinding and other smart services

Interactive map on kiosk
Booking a room through web application
web management portal

Solution to all your workplace hurdles

Hybrid planning dashboard on laptop
hybrid working plan
Plan better for
Hybrid working

Book spaces in advance and coordinate your day perfectly in-between remote and office working. Schedules can be flexible and alternate days can be selected to align with hybrid working. Check-in trends are saved and system enables dynamic space allocation based on preferences.

energy savings and preferences
Control and customize
Light & Aircon

Control the light and air conditioning in your rooms according to your preferences and save to apply to any room you check-in. The power will be turned off automatically once you check-out the space in order to efficiently save energy

Booking a room through web application
check-in through web

Check-In through desktop

Book in advance or just before you leave for the meeting room on web application wherever you are.

Login to web app
Login to digitalbricks

You will have to login to the web application before using digitialbricks services

Select room from map
Find & book required
Meeting room

Choose a desired meeting room and book directly on the application once you are logged in.

navigate to your room on web
Locate the room on
Web application

If you are not aware of the room you can always use the web app to locate the workplace

customize light & aircon

Control & customize
Aircon and Lights

You can always control the light and air conditioning in your meeting rooms according to your preferences and save them to apply to any room you book

interactive kiosk features

Best of interactive kiosk

Room availability status Interactive map kiosk
realtime status
At a glance availability
of rooms nearby

The interactive maps shows realtime status of all meeting rooms ( Available, Available soon, Occupied ) across globe and let you do advance scheduling & booking post authentication via Employee Badge or Mobile QR Scan.

Key features

Book, Add to favorite
And navigate to rooms

Explore rooms on floor map and take actions on them

Room availability
And status codes

You can find rooms availability on interactive map

Smart filters
Enabled search

Smart filters based on capacity seating style and features

wayfinder & indoor navigation
Find everything on
Self-service kiosk

Explore rooms on Kiosk, rooms availability status, floor wise & campus wise near by resources which are incorporated in the interactive map. You can take actions on the rooms, you may book, add to favorite or even navigate to resources from your location.

Way finder and indoor navigation on kiosks
Search for resources around and navigate on kiosk
intelligent search
Intelligent search on
Interactive Kiosk

Indoor & outdoor compatible displays like interactive kiosks at-a-glance shows availability of all near by resources. You can search and find peoples, campus/floor resources around you.

Search for resources around and navigate on kiosk


Smart filters to find
The perfect room

Smart filters are enabled to search and find out the perfect meeting room you need. Rooms can be filtered based on seating capacity, style and space ameneties.

instanlty book meeting room
Find & book rooms
Across the globe

Now book meeting rooms from any displays at anywhere across the world. Our systems search and suggestions provides you at-a-glance availability of resources with amenities available in each meeting rooms. Your booking will be instantly reflected on your schedules through Office 365 calendar Integration

Smart rooms suggestions based on invitees

We support multi-display platforms

Android tablet device
Android tablets
and iPads
Interactive map on kiosk
Kiosk and other
Laptop device
Desktops and
computer screens
Parking assistance
frequently asked questions

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Yes, Check-in and check-out using kiosks reduce a lot of time. Entire campus on once screen.

It has intuitive interface and attracts many users. Users can easily access the information and services from kiosks

Please check the details on subscription application

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