Mobile app for MRM
meeting room management-mobile app

Plan on your mobile
Easily, from anywhere

Now-reserve meeting rooms from your mobile app. You can check availability-from anywhere, even at home, to decide if they are working from home/office.

Meeting rooms availability on mobile app and navigation and realtime navigation on mobile app
invitee based booking

Book rooms for all your invitees

Add invitees
Add invitees

Add anynumber of invitees from anywhere to the invitee list.

Meeting Room Suggestions
Smart suggestions

Intelligent room suggestions based on the invitees added. 

QR code scan or badge swipe
Confirm & book

Instantly confimr and checkin by scanning QR code

auto-release meeting room

Retrieve abandoned Meeting room

DigitalBricks can retrieve abandoned meeting rooms through request to release feature. User will be raising a release request which will trigger the user who booked the room and once confirmed the room will be released successfully.

Request to release steps on mobile app
Request to Release on mobile app
meeting room management

Solutions now at fingertips

DigitalBricks mobile app has all features that can help you have a wonderful meeting experience. Download mobile app now from app store

Building details from anywhere
building details around THE globe
Building details
Across the globe

Find buildings all around the world. You can use our mobile app to see the complete list of buildings across the globe as list view or map view. It can also navigate you real-time to the building location and gives you the number of workplaces, other services available in the same building.

intelligent scheduling suggestions
Intelligent room suggestions
based on invitees

Intelligent room suggestions are given by considering all the invitees added. our system can fetch meeting rooms for all invitees understanding their location availbaility , past booking trends and for easier real-time room scheduling

Room suggestion based on invitees
Meeting rooms availability on mobile app and navigation and realtime navigation on mobile app
nearby resources & wayfinder
No more wandering

Interactive maps with realtime resource availability helps employees to quickly find an available meeting room nearby. The system assist with checking availability features and also with navigation.

3 step scheduling
Book rooms at any location

Its easy to book meeting rooms for any specific location on digitalbricks. Now find and book rooms at any location with in three simple steps. You choose a location, select the required room and schedule instantly.

Book rooms based on location
Touchless and automated visitor checkin
Touchless visitor check-in
Meet on time with automated & touchless visitor check-in

Visitors are given unique visitor number and QR code along with the invitation. Visitors can use the code and check-in to the campus and meet their partners. Automated and touchless visitor check-in save your time better

hybrid working

Enable flexible

Manage your workplace hurdles with digitalbricks, now plan your meetings, parking and lunch boxes from our mobile app

parking assistance

Digitalbricks plan
your day ahead

We regularly track your schedules and plan ahead of your booking suggestions. Parking slots and availability are traced according to your working location every day and make sure that your time is saved.

desk utilization insights & reports

Workplace analytics and insights for leaders

DigitalBricks mobile app has all features that can help you have a wonderful meeting experience. Download mobile app now from appstore

Building wise utilization image

Most utilized
meeting room/building

Peak meeting hours

Peak meeting
room hours in campus

Most utilized and
demanding features

meeting room management features

Smart features for your better assistance

Instant booking widget
instant booking
Instant booking for
urgent meetings

You can instantly find meeting rooms available for certain duration and book in seconds.

interactive floor maps
Discover rooms
on floor map

Floor maps are handy and provided with the realtime room availability around you. Rooms are color coded to find out if its available, occupied or waiting for approval.

Availability of rooms on floor map
Meeting room details
meeting room features
Check features, Seating
Capacity and style

We make sure your meeting requirements are fulfilled. Filter out rooms with specific features, seating style and patterns

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Parking assistance
frequently asked questions

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It depends on the Meeting Room Display device Configuration set by your admin.

You have to manually confirm it, other wise it will get auto released.

Yes youc an know the status of a employee while inviting to meeting, it shows the employee status after adding invitee.

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