Connected Workplace Solutions

Unravel the benefits of workspace with our connected work place solutions.


Offer a seamless integration of our AI based conference room experience, smart desk booking experience and visitor management software with Outlook.

MS Outlook

With our Outlook Add-in, you can easily find available meeting rooms or desks and book them directly from Outlook. You can also know in advance about your guests. 

Easy exchanges

Our room exchange is synced with Microsoft Outlook exchange calendar. This enables you to exchange rooms directly from the calendar itself and instantly update in workflow.


Enhance the visitor experience by our connected smart visitor management solutions. Enable enhanced visitor management and an intuitive self-service check-in experience with touch based digital registration. Streamline the visitor experience with auto printed badge.


Our interactive floor map helps your employees and visitors easily find their way to their meeting with indoor wayfinding.

Custom integrated APIs

Create your own integration with our fully-featured API, enabling you to integrate technologies and extend your smart building ecosystem.

Data analytics and smart workspace usage

Our intelligent advanced data analytics enables lightning-fast reporting on historical booking data that connects to a compatible data analytics solution; helping you to get a better understanding or workspace usage and utilization.