Visitor Management Software

Innovative and Secure Visitor Management Experience

Impress your guests with your attention to detail and make them feel welcome in your office.

Modern Self Service Kiosk

Ensure your visitors’ details are accurate and up-to-date when they register on arrival. Track all visitor activity and give your corporate lobby a fresh, modern look.

Simpler Pre-Registration Process

Register visitors in advance and send them a branded email or SMS notification that tells them everything they need to know about your upcoming meeting.

Easy Convenient Check-In

You can also add visitor details instantly and send them QR code invitation instantly. A visitor can quickly scan and enter the building. A repeat guest doesn’t have to go through so much of hurdle.

Centralized Visitor Management App

Monitor visitors remotely and view individual entries through your dashboard. Analyze visitor flow in your building locations and facilities and optimize your organization’s security.

Quick Photo Capture

Snap a photo of each visitor, storing it for faster future check-in and better-controlled building security. Forward visitor photos to the right host for a professional and warm welcome.

Hassle Free Digital NDA

Minimize the administrative burden by getting your visitors to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements at check-in in minutes. Collect and store all legal documentation safely in the cloud.

Powerful Admin Panel

Help management and reception staff monitor visitor flow in real time via a dedicated dashboard. Adjust crucial settings and stay in total control of process flow using custom widgets.

Instant Host Notification

Get instantly notified when your guest checks in via SMS or email. View visitors’ details, so you can greet each guest with confidence and professionalism.

Personalized Visitor Badges

Print a new visitor’s badge within seconds after checking in to comply with security measures in your premises. Ensure transparency and accuracy of visitor data during their visit.

Multiple Visitor Check-In

Register multiple visitors at the same time using a single tablet at your digital kiosk. Our smart visitor management solution can handle unlimited visitors for a seamless and professional virtual reception.

Safety And Security

Automate visitor check-in and check-out and meet safety compliance requirements. Protect your intellectual property and assets with a flexible, effective, and smarter layer of security. So you get maximum control over your facilities and always know who’s in the building in case of an emergency.

Visitor Watchlist

Keep an internal watchlist to prevent unwelcome visitors from accessing your premises. Track everyone that enters or exits your building with this discreet yet robust security measure.