Meeting room display panel
meeting room display

So much more than
Just booking

Meeting room display transform your meeting experience. Now Find and book spaces instantly on the displays kept outside the room and manage check-in, extend or cancel meetings anytime you need.

meeting room reservation

How meeting room display works

Meeting room display checkin
Find available
meeting room slot
Meeting room display authenticate using badge or QR code
Book room by scanning
QR code/swiping badge
Meeting room display release and extend
rooms if time is up

binstant booking on mrd

Book your meeting
Right in front of the room

Meeting room display are self-management displays that shows the real-time status, available slots and nearby rooms in the area. The display let you book meeting room instantly by scanning QR code or by swiping badge.

Meeting room qbic display
flexible workplace management

Best of meeting room display

Auto release image

Meeting room

Auto-release meeting rooms that is abandoned after booking. Interval can be configured for release

Light and aircon control

Environment controls
(Lights & Aircon)

Room’s air-conditioner & lights can be controlled & regulated through your mobile/web application

Request to release image

Request to release
Abandoned meeting rooms

Abandoned meeting rooms are retrieved by requesting a release by entering the reason for same

Qbic panel image

Find available
Rooms nearby

Always find nearby available meeting rooms and slots on Meeting room display.

Customizable Background Images image

Background Images

Customizable themes are provided on MRD. Update images of your choice as background

Extend click from screen

Last minute
Meeting extension

Last minute extension done quickly and instantly through a single tap on meeting room display 

Play Video
request to release

Request to release meeting room

Meeting rooms are abandoned often after booking and become unavailable for booking. Request to release lets you raise a release request and release notification will be triggered to host.

Request to release room
Request to release
Meeting room
Request to release image
Choose reason
For release
Request to release authenticate
From the user
flexible MEETING ROOM management

Best of meeting room display

self-management displays
Status on displays

Meeting room displays are devices kept outside on meeting rooms. The qbic displays are interactive devices and also shows availability status on display with various customizable themes.

Different status on meeting roomdisplays
Nearby meeting room search
nearby meeting rooms
Find nearby
Meeting room

You can check other available meeting rooms nearby from the meeting room display and instantly. Choose nearby meting room choose on available room and the slot. Experience real-time room scheduling through the interactive display by scanning QR code or using the badge

Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms can be abandoned after booking and become unavailable for other users. In order to retrieve spaces going unutilized auto release bring back them online and ready to occupy by the users. Auto release interval can be configured by the admin the feature also plays a crucial part in energy savings of abandoned/unused rooms

Auto release meeting room image
Two step meeting room extend image
Extend meeting room
In two taps

Extend your meting room in just two clicks on our meeting room display. Click on extend option and chose desired time duration acording to the room availability to proceed.​

zombie meeting analytics
Eliminate unused &
Abandoned rooms

Among the meting room reservations there's always 40% of them abandoned and 20% of meetings are ad-hoc. There is often spaces go unutilized so instead of letting spaces sit empty and unavailable to the rest of the office automate the release of unused rooms

unused meeting rooms analytics graph

We support multi-display platforms

Qbic panel image
Qbic TD-1050 Panel
Tablet device
Android tablets
iPad device
Parking assistance
frequently asked questions

Still have more questions?

Yes, you can book a meeting instantly in just one step. Click on Meeting Room Display check-in button and authenticate using QR code or by swiping a badge 

Others can submit immediate “Request to Release” and you will be notified to accept or decline the request

It depends on the Meeting Room Display device Configuration set by your admin.

While our plans don’t come with hardware, we have partnered with several great hardware providers to provide you with tablets, mounts, power and more. Check out our Recommended Hardwares page for suggestions.

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