Meeting Room Management Software

A unified workspace solution that works across other industries

Our comprehensive, unique, simple and innovative workspace solutions can be used across various industries.

Unique intelligent user-friendly room booking experience

  • Banks have many departments. Loan dept, insurance dept, Sales dept, Retail banking, Investment dept where you have to deal with confidential client data. So, you can book a meeting room anytime, anywhere from your mobile, desktop or directly from our smart interactive Kiosk whenever you need. This will give clients more confidence in you. 
  • When any confidential deal or any business deal is taking place, you want to ensure that the stakeholders are satisfied with the service and security. Our system will run an analysis and based on the ratings in the system, it will auto suggest which rooms have best facility and security. 
  • Our advanced system will create a daily report chart such you can predict when such meetings mostly take place. 
  • Product based companies that deal with raw materials, they have inventories. If in one month the sell gets reduced, you should have storage rooms available to store the inventories. Our system can help you keep track of the supply chain too by managing the inventories. 
  • Deemed universities usually have thousands of students every year. Every department has multiple sections. Students may get confused if someday classroom is changed. They can get updates on their phones about class details and their timing. Thus, they will not be late for class. 
  • Faculties also have to take multiple classes in a single day. They also may forget about a lecture. Our system will notify them with classroom details and timing. So, it can reduce confusion. 
  • When a guest lecture visits the campus or multiple companies visit the campus, you can allocate separate rooms for them. You can get real-time information about the different recruiters’ positions.  It makes the process stress free and reduces complexities and confusion. 
  • Educational institutes have skill development training. If you need an extra room at the last moment, you can check available rooms directly from our app.
  • Whenever a very high profile guest visits the hotel, security and user experience become the top priority. With the help of our room booking experience, you can assign a room that is secure, safe and has all other facilities. 
  • Enhance your user experience with your smart interactive wayfindings in every touchpoint of your building. 
  • You can also track the busiest days from our advanced report analytics. 
  • Healthcare industry is the most dynamic, busiest and growing industry. Our system can help you track which operation rooms are available. If the patient needs to be immediately shifted to ICU, then our intelligent system will show you which ICU rooms are available at which floor. 
  • You can easily find the way inside the hospital using our smart navigation system. 
  • From our system patients can check how long a doctor will be available in his/ her cabin. No need to call reception. 

Optimize space utilization with smart desk booking

  • You can book your preferred tables from our app anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to come early to book your preferred place anymore. That saves you precious amount of time. 
  • Large educational institutes usually have libraries. Students will be allowed to book their desks for a specific period so that others can use it too. 
  • Students will be allowed to use library computers for certain duration so others can use it too. 
  • Check available desks whenever you need. When bank executive comes, you can efficiently allocate a special desk. 

Improve productivity with intelligent visitor management

  • If you go to a hospital our system will keep your medical details. Your personal information and medical history will be securely stored in our GDPR or CCPA compliant database. u. 
  • Our system will also guide you find the way to the doctor’s cabin. It reduces the human work, saves time and reduces gathering. 
  • You can also track who they came in contact with inside the hospital premises
  • Visitors who have foreign travel history will be kept separate and tested first. 
  • Our advanced analytical system creates a report when movie theatres have maximum footfall. 
  • You can check which places are mostly demanded by visitors. 
  • If a visitor has travel history then he/she will not be allowed for safety. 
  • You also track when visitor numbers are maximum .What services guests prefer the most. Accordingly you can allocate people. 
  • You can check which places are mostly demanded by the visitors. 
  • If a visitor has travel history then he/she will not be allowed for safety. 
  • Guest lecturers or parents often come to educational campuses .You can manage your guests’ stay and transport using our system. 
  • Banks or big corporate offices have multiple guests coming for meetings. Maintaining their safety, their data, providing them best service is very crucial. You can save lot of time and improve the quality of customer experience by using our visitor management system. 
  • You have to work from another brunch of your company. Our visitor management system will take care of your stay and transportations too. Making the process seamless. 
  • Now restrict any unwanted visitors and provide very restricted access to your guests inside the bank premises and campus.