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Give Employees The Flexibility To Work Anywhere. Desk booking doesn't have to be a hassle. With our scalable, cloud based, user-friendly desk booking solutions, employees can reserve workspaces whenever they need them. This gives them greater flexibility while helping you make the most of every space.

We can solve your challenges

Cost reduction

Our smart AI based intelligent system will turn off the electricity and desks will be turned off if a desk space is not being utilized for a while to save the energy expenses.

Utilize office space

Our intelligent system has the digital footprint of the building. Thus, you can track any unutilized spaces inside the office premises. You can allocate new desks in those spaces where demand is more.

Smart booking

Our system will spread out the desks such that proper distance is also maintained also the space is utilized so that social gathering is reduced. You can start working by scanning the QR code.


You can find your desk and also find where your colleagues and team members are sitting using our smart interactive floor maps for way findings. AI based solution will give you auto suggestions.

Book desks anywhere

You can check-in to your preferred desk for multiple days anytime, anywhere from your mobile, laptop or smart interactive Kiosk based solution. Find and locate available spaces.


Our smart desk booking solution is fully scalable; enables you to manage the desk areas anytime, anywhere across multiple locations and time zones. Add as many employees you want, as many buildings in different cities you wish.

Office Desk Booking Software

Scheduling desk experience

You can easily extend, check out or cancel your booking as per your requirement such that workspace is rightly utilized.

Manage private offices

Company executives have their private offices. You can book a space for him/her in the system based on the availability of desks if anyone from corporate visits to your workspace. You can raise a ticket and check for the available desks in the building if any emergency situation arises.

Desk Reservation System
Desk Booking Solutions

Smart experience

You can customize your desk booking experience with assigned desks. You can book desks spontaneously or prior. If you want desk by the window or in a spacious area or closer to the meeting room, you can book as per your requirements. Our intelligent decision making system gives you comprehensive report; helping you to understand the working pattern and make more informed decision about space planning. Our smart AI based system gives you full 360 degree daily report of employees who were seating together in group.

Frequently asked questions

We have listed below all commonly asked questions and answers about DigitalBricks's Hot Desk Booking system.
If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.


You can use your company email Id and password or company badge reader.

Yes, you can book and check-in to any desk across globe.

You can check-in from web portal or kiosk or FPO or Scan QR Code via Mobile app

Yes, based on the company level setting you can check-in to any available desk.

Yes, admin or your Manager can pre-assign desk to team and individuals in advance called as Advance Scheduling.

No, you need to physically in office to Check-In to your assigned desk, this feature is to avoid miss usage.

Yes, from Mobile app, you can know your 1-3 months schedule for “Work From Home” OR “Work From Office”.

Yes, you can Swap with your peers or submit a change request for change in schedule.

Yes, our AI based app will remind you in advance and also let you know commutation time to reach office.

Yes, if they have opt in to publish their location then you can see who is sitting where on Interactive floor map.

Yes, you can manually release the desk or office and make it available for others.

It depends on the Space Policy Configuration set by your admin, it can be from 15min to 12 hours.

There are 3 types of Desk/Office Policy – Check-In/Out | Permanent Reserved | Temp Reserved.

Yes, you can turn off your location privacy so that your location cannot be published until your turn-on it again.

It will show you all nearby resources in building or campus and also show you indoor navigation to reach their.

Others can submit immediate “Request to Release” and you will be notified to accept or decline the request.

The system will trigger Auto Check-Out based on Configuration done by your admin.

Building/Occupancy Manager

The Account is instantly created and activated once you subscribe to our free trail or paid subscription.

Yes, our hot desk booking solution allows you to do both, Both options are available in Admin Settings where you can opt in to Schedule or Instant book & Check-In.

Yes, you can allocate both WFH and WFO from Space Scheduler and employees will be notified accordingly.

Yes, employees can be allocated to any space recurring or one time on any frequency of days in week or daily basis.

You can form many groups as per org name or department name or manager wise as per spaces in buildings.

Yes, you can upload your own floor map and customize it as per your preferences, the output will be interactive floor maps.

Yes. For every desk in your office will be allocated with space Policy and based on the policy it can be made available or unavailable for check-In.

It’s just simple as you can allocate those employees more often from space scheduler.

Once the different rules have been set by the office manager, our hoteling software operates itself and requires very little oversight. For example to activate new employee account, review performance reports for adjustments, etc.

Yes, you can. As an office manager, you can manually edit any bookings and move employees to different desks if needed, or make a new booking on behalf on an employee.

Our hot desk booking system includes 15+ advanced reports to easily monitor the office occupancy, demand, violations, unused bookings, no-shows, org wise utilization etc.

Yes, we are GDPR Compliant and your company data is safely stored on Amazon AWS cloud servers for respective location. Your data can be fully removed from the system by the office manager when you leave the company.

We have multiple platforms from which employees/Admin can access our products. FPO | WEB | MOBILE | KIOSK | Space Scheduler.

Yes. Our hot desk booking system allows you to manage several locations across multiple time zones in different countries from the same admin account. Simple create different office zones in your account, one for each location and add users to respective locations.

Your Digital Bricks admin account can be set up instantly. Once set, companies generally allow a 2 to 3 week onboarding period to inform their employees about Digital Bricks Apps.

Please visit our Plan and Pricing page for more details.

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