Re-inventing your workplaces for the new normal.

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Re-inventing your workplaces for the new normal.

Safety And Security
The COVID 19 pandemic and its impact continue to reflect in every aspect of business routines. There is no denial we are in a plight that demands social distancing literally in everything we do. Not today but eventually this situation should have a solution and return to office indeed become a necessity. 

We humans are social animals who require interactions and that experience cannot be replaced with any virtual meetups. you want to see who you are working with to have a real discussion, which is why the contained form of life is nearly impossible in the future despite the pandemic. Businesses have developed offices and hotdesking spaces in a way that makes it possible to have a new hybrid model in which only half of the working populations be on remote working while the others work together at office premises. It’s time we recalibrate all the practices we have been doing and get ready for the new normal. As the hybrid workspace model is here to stay, it is necessary to ensure that the same facilitates an effective and safe working experience.  

Now let us see the key areas that need to be focused on, to make a difference. 

Increase Productivity


When it comes to productivity it is directly associated with the workforce. at times like this when a pandemic tiering apart people’s lives, it is necessary to safeguard the employees with the maximum support in the form of services. Hybrid working is a successful model which enables employees to work from the office and home remotely, with the flexibility of changing the schedule at their convenience. This approach has given employees huge relief during this crisis and to be with family safeguarding their well-being. 

Businesses have designed products like Workspace management software which provides a seamless experience in searching and scheduling workspaces. All the products contain related features which enable the best experience ever. Leaving the employees to check and book workspaces or other services anytime from any device required at their convenience. 

Working Environment 

The new normal takes a huge deal on the real estate space. As the hybrid working model is implemented there is not much office space required, only half of the workforce populations going to consume the area. returning to these places and working safely is crucial. It is the management’s responsibility to ensure workspace hygiene on a regular interval. The employees well being both mentally and physically is management’s responsibility while they return to work. 

Covid Housekeeping Notification

The spaces need to be distributed and arranged in a way that it aligns with the social distancing protocols. including washrooms and other collaborating spaces. The many applications for scheduling and booking can be used for regulated utilization and finding usage patterns. The insights on these data can be processed to find out if space particularly a floor having high user traffic. Finding out information like this is vital since the same shows any violation of social distancing protocol. 

Day to day collaboration 

Times like these need smart solutions. since the hybrid model lets the workforce gets split into working from home and from the office at a time, effective collaboration can be difficult without which the business productivity is seriously affected. In order to make this is working businesses have incorporated hassle-free meeting room booking and scheduling irrespective of where you are in which time zone. These applications are feature-rich and let you decide on the best from everything.  

Features like neighborhoods are effective ways of scheduling workspaces for a larger group of resources and the applications let the teams find their peers checked-in or not, navigate and schedule a one on ones with them. 

Analytics Center

Data Analytics 

There are useful data everywhere which helps the corporates to analyze them and infer informations on employee satisfaction, resource utilization, energy wastage, productivity, and many more. The new normal reduces the usage of real estate considerably and thereby serving everything with the right amount is not easy. Insights and analytics help businesses infer key pieces of information from the utilization data of the workspaces such as if the spaces are underutilized, what features people are searching for, the peak hours, etc. This information keeps corporate aware of the effectiveness of business operations and lets them change the plans accordingly to meet everything the situation demands. 


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