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Visitor Management

Re-inventing your workplaces for the new normal.

Re-inventing your workplaces for the new normal. The COVID 19 pandemic and its impact continue to reflect in every aspect of business routines. There is no denial we are in a plight that demands social distancing literally in everything we do. … Read More

Visitor Management

Visitor Management Experience

Visitor Management With DigitalBricks Have you ever been to another company as a guest/visitor?   Where you had to wait a long time in the queue in front of the reception to get your ID badge and later again waiting for … Read More

Digital Workplace Experience

Find resources and your colleagues around; Benefits of Way finder. After COVID-19 our working patterns have changed forever. The new space sharing policies and real estate optimization lead to a practice where only half of the employee population works at the office … Read More

Desk Management Software

Return Back to Office Post Covid with Desk Scheduling Experience

Covid 19 has changed lives across the globe, changes that impact all facets of our lifestyle. These drastic changes require sophisticated yet convenient solutions. In the world of business, organizations have changed the legacy practices and adapted hybrid workspace models. … Read More