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Visitor Management

Visitor Management With DigitalBricks

Have you ever been to another company as a guest/visitor?  

Where you had to wait a long time in the queue in front of the reception to get your ID badge and later again waiting for the escort to show up? Whether you are a guest or a host the whole process is not just right in terms of convenience and the time-consuming manual process has adverse effects on your customer impression too. 

With DigitalBricks it becomes an effortless experience from inviting a visitor to visitor checkout. Our process are automated and the visitors themselves will be able to generate a visitor badge from the device installed nearby the reception. The device is wifi or Bluetooth enabled and called a badge printer the panel screen can be iOs or android tablet devices.These are incorporated with the guest and host details. there are different kinds of visitors.

  • First-time visitor 

A first-time user on arrival can use the badge printer to avoid the queue in front of the reception. The basic details are entered and the host’s name, images are captured in real-time, and once done badge is printed, and also the host will be notified on the arrival of his guest. 

  • Repeated visitor 

When you are repeated visitor registrations are usually done again but think otherwise what if you can get your ID with a single click? DigitalBricks does the exact same thing by auto fetching your data from the history and we let you directly print the badge id. 

  • Invited Visitor 

An invited visitor is already informed and provided with a unique visitor code and a QR code. On arrival, the visitor can either use the unique passcode or scan the QR code on the badge printer. 

Benefits of DigitalBricks Visitor management system.

Improved safety and security inside campus 

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It became a priority for businesses around the world to have a safe workplace. visitor management system ensures your workspace safety by identifying who is inside the campus at any given time. An efficient system will be able to decongest the reception premises through more pre-registration, by enabling auto-fetch, QR code scanning, and multiple visitor entry like features. Conducting a contactless reception approach to ensure safety throughout pandemics like covid 19 will be a great service that gives your employees a safe transition during business hours.

Provides a quick, automated visitor assistance 

Any casual working day in an office is challenging especially at the reception. It happens to be the busiest area in any organization other than the cafeteria. On any regular day, there can be a huge number of visitors waiting at the reception to get their ID created or for their escort to pick them up at the location. A reception on the other hand becomes too packed with the guests and hosts coming in and out. Therewith digitalbricks it becomes easy for any visitors to get their badges themselves using the automatic badge printer at the reception and hence no escort is necessary to pass through and our interactive maps in the application let them find out the building they should visit and assist them through real-time navigation.  

Leaving the best first impression

It is always about the service the best you give the best you get. For businesses, their demand depends on the brand value so the services should reflect the very standard in everything they do that represents the brand. from showcasing our brand in the badge ID to the invitation along with the unique code and the QR code for on arrival check-in shows the professional perception of the brand. The express check-in of the repeated visitors shows the organization’s efficiency and commitment towards the customer and employees by providing the best experience ever. it should not be a register with a pen somewhere on the reception table that describes your brand and vision. 

Pre-Register Visitors

Enhanced workplace efficiency

It is also important not only the visitor but the guest as well to have an effortless experience from inviting a guest. Usually raising visitor request go through multiple approval systems then on the day of visit process like manual authentication on arrival escort for the visitor is consuming so much of the employee efforts inside the campus. if the host employees have visitors every day the time and energy wasted on the formalities are huge. An efficient visitor management system by automating all processes from invitations to reminders on integrated calendars takes out the huge burden of following up from the hosts, the effortless and contactless badge printer check-in skip the visitor’s escort procedure as well. On average it saves 30% man effort every week. 

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