Return Back to Office Post Covid with Desk Scheduling Experience

Desk Management Software

Covid 19 has changed lives across the globe, changes that impact all facets of our lifestyle. These drastic changes require sophisticated yet convenient solutions. In the world of business, organizations have changed the legacy practices and adapted hybrid workspace models. Working flexibility is necessary at times like this as all the employees are not going to work together anymore. Hence providing the freedom in choosing where and how they would like to work is the new normal. In the future, a regular business routine starts on the way to the office then parking, scheduled meetings, workspace booking, one on ones with the team, lunch slots at the restaurants and it goes on till you leave. Post COVID-19 with restrictions and social distancing it became necessary to let everyone manage on their own.

DigitalBricks lets us book instantly or schedule meeting rooms, desk booking software for workspaces, and parking lots. By automating the legacy practices organization saves a huge amount of time, human resources, electricity, and real estate. 

See how DigitalBricks helps you through a day. 

Book a meeting room of your choice.  

The application makes sure your meeting goes on time with the best experience ever. To aid meeting room management there are multiple other hardware and products provided such as

The meeting advisor helps in booking a meeting room of your choice. Finding rooms based on time durations with instant booking, based on location, and based on invitees. These modes are used accordingly depending on the requirement. To find a room available for another hour, instant booking can be utilized to find one. If there are multiple invitees from different time zone, then it is required to book rooms for all the invitees accordingly and is booked based on invitees. If the booking is for a specific location then is booked based on location. The booking can be placed using the mobile app, web application, interactive kiosk, or with the meeting room display placed around the floor. The booking demands authentication through badge ID or by scanning QR codes. 


Schedule an available workspace

Hybrid workplace strategy demands the new workspaces are managed efficiently. Desk management support employees to schedule or instantly check-in to any available workspace around. There are different types of workspaces, Permanently assigned, Temporarily assigned, Check-in check-out based. Permanent spaces cannot be checked in or checked out it is given to an employee infinitely. Where temporary spaces are assigned for guest resources for a short time. which is again cannot be checked in by other employees. The idea of keeping teams in a neighborhood makes it more versatile to manage them effortlessly. the same given color codes and kept scheduled under a manager or team leader for all employees under them or their department.

Flexible personalized office placed outside the huddle/workspaces this display is used for the employees to check-in using their badge id and by scanning QR code. The same way workspaces can be booked by interactive kiosk web application or mobile app. Once checked into an available space office space can be personalized for aircon and lights adjustments. The DigitalBricks features allows their users to search and find teams checked in nearby and to have one on ones with them. DigitalBricks reimagined the socialization among the team and increased employee productivity.

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