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Find resources and your colleagues around; Benefits of Way finder.

After COVID-19 our working patterns have changed forever. The new space sharing policies and real estate optimization lead to a practice where only half of the employee population works at the office while the rest of the employees working from home. This whole idea of flexible working has left us confused about where and when we can find someone. It is not difficult for the regular employees to find buildings nearby but definitely, a visitor or a non-native official gets confused to find the resources nearby.

The purpose is to enable easy accessibility of resources for users to find quickly and efficiently. Digital Bricks helps in  

  1. To find your colleagues .
  2. To find resources like printer, pantry, and mails, etc 
  3. to find required workspaces and buildings.

How DigitalBricks helps in way finding and indoor navigation ? 

With the mobile app and web application finding resources and peers become some clicks away that too at your convenience. The features enable you to search and find workspaces, resources, and colleagues nearby. You can add them to favorites and access them easily next time.

Kiosks fall into the interactive wayfinding screen category and are placed in the areas such as reception or nearby the elevators and any other main entrances spaces usually having higher user traffic. The interactive kiosks let the user have control over the whole floor map and take action on the resources including a cafe, conference rooms, and working spaces in the current location. It serves the purpose largely for the lost crowd like visitors or non-native officials by providing the whole information about where they are what they have around. 

Real-Time Status In A Single Display








Finding the floor resources like printer, a pantry, washrooms, conference rooms, working/hot-desking spaces and any other campus entities is effortless with other wayfinding hardware like 

Status Board

Status boards are placed in multiple places like kiosks but specific information to a targeted audience. This is more like the order status boards at subways, this is used in hospitals and offices to update on the availability of certain services like conference rooms and ongoing appointments. In digital bricks, we convey the meeting room availability and Room directions through status boards and is placed inside workspaces, nearby staircase, and other workforce hubs. 

Meeting Room Display 

It happens often when we rush to find out a quick meeting room and unfortunately is occupied, there MRD helps you find nearby rooms and book right away using the badge or by scanning QR code through your mobile app. The device can be android or iOs based which can connect to wifi and Bluetooth. 



Meeting Room Schedule Display

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